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Last Monday, the 22nd, my sweet husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary <3 I still cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by! It seriously feels like just the other day, we were saying “I do!” amongst our beautiful families and friends on one of the most beautiful vineyards in the world. It was the best day of our lives, and I spent some of the day looking through our wedding photos by the beautiful and talented Alicia White! It’s funny, because oftentimes, I’ll go through our wedding pictures and find one I never noticed before! This was one I finally “saw” the other day, and we both looked at it and just instantly smiled. It just captures our happiness of that day, but more importantly, of our love for each other and friendship :) I truly married my best friend. <3

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photo cred: Alicia White Photography


We decided to do something different than the typical ‘go to a fancy restaurant’ deal, and since it was forecasted to be a beautiful and sunny 75ºF, we opted for a romantic picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens. We had been there previously only days earlier, albeit in typical “now it’s sunny, now it’s freezing cold” Melbourne fashion, so you couldn’t quite enjoy sitting on the lawn and basking up the sun as easily heh. But we packed up a delicious basket with prosciutto/salami on pumpkin seed rolls, cut up pineapple, pita bread, hummus, tzatziki sauce, kettle chips, water, san pellegrino (blood orange yumm), and the best part – dessert from little cupcakes. Since we didn’t have the top tier of our wedding cake for the tradition of eating it on your first year anniversary, I decided cupcakes would be the next best thing, and they definitely were delicioso! Red velvet was my favorite, but we also had peanut butter crumble, cookies & cream, Tim Tam (a cookie here in Australia, which I’m addicted to…), raspberry white chocolate and salted caramel. We caught a quick tram about 5 mins outside of Melbourne’s city center, and found a sweet shady spot under a palm tree (paradise, much?!) We had the perfect people-watching spot and in perfect view of the city skyline and the main lake in the park (I also enjoyed our spot thoroughly because we had two ladies sitting near us with a giant, fluffy golden retriever that I squealed over more than a few times… lol). The meal was yummy, but the company was even better – we had a wonderful time just enjoying nature and not being around the constant hustle and bustle of the city.

The Royal Botanical Gardens is an absolutely beautiful park, filled with plants, flowers and trees from all around the world, and a great place to walk your dog, go for a jog or just take an afternoon stroll. We walked around most of the park and checked out the different wildlife there too – tons of birds, eels (gag), fish, and more. It was interesting being able to look up into different trees and see where the next sound came from – sometimes, you felt like you were in the middle of forest in Yosemite and the next, in the rainforests of Brazil (neither of which I’ve been to, but I would think they would look like that ha). Another part of the RBG was the Shrine of Remembrance, which is this stunning building/memorial built in 1934, originally dedicated to all Australians from Victoria (the state which Melbourne is located in) who fought in WWI, but has now been extended to include all those who have served in any war Australia has been involved in. We didn’t go inside, but from the outside, it was a sight to take in. We walked up the side of it and stood on the front steps to take in the breathtaking site: a panoramic view of Melbourne’s skyline. It was unlike anything I had seen, and snapped quite a few photos of it. I would love to go back and be able to go inside the memorial and take it in; it’s only 5 minutes away, so I have no excuse, right?? It also has an eternal flame, as well as another erected monument nearby.


Shrine of Remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance

view from the Shrine

view from the Shrine


It was a really romantic, fun and memorable day! Who would’ve thought that on our first anniversary, we’d have moved to and lived in Melbourne, Australia!? Certainly not us! But we’re thankful for every experience in our lives and in this marriage, and all of the blessings God bestows upon us. :) it’s been a beautiful journey, and here’s to the next 70+ years together! <3

Kelly xo

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