Most Livable City Indeed!

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Hey everyone! So, I totally planned to write sooner but kept forgetting, and things have been a little busy around here (more about that later on).

So, the city and everyone in it is kind of buzzing because according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Livability Index (they do it every year), Melbourne was once again crowned as the most liveable city in the world — for the FOURTH time! Yesterday, Conde Nast Traveler revealed their list of ‘friendliest cities in the world’ and guess who won that list too – Melbourne, of course! It’s hard not to love this city, honestly. Having only been here for 4 weeks (lol ‘only’), I already feel like it’s my new home. I’ve never felt too out of place, as the people here are indeed very, very friendly, the food is fantastic, the coffee is even better, the lifestyle is so laidback, and – oof, I could go on and on and on. I like to think of myself as a Melburnian already :) (I wish!)

Life has picked up a bit in the last week, as we’re preparing to move into our first home here in Melbourne – yipee! We’re so excited. We’ve been very blessed to live where we have for the last month, but now, we’re prepared to settle and finally make a place our home. We’ve been to IKEA and several other home stores, and I feel like a total grandma getting excited over pans and rugs and plants, but it’s been really fun. I’m excited to show you guys more photos as we get settled in, but in the meantime, here’s a photo of our building (which I’ve posted before, but you guys don’t mind, right?? ;))


our building <3

our building <3


I’ve been slacking on taking tons of cool photos around Melbourne, mainly because the weather has been soooo lame, so the photos come out looking depressing and gloomy. But below are a few highlights of the last two-ish weeks. We went to a pretty cool amusement park called Luna Park with Will’s job and coworkers, and got to ride all the rides for free, have some delicious food and meet some new, awesome people! My favorite part of the day was definitely playing bumper cars (aka, dodgems – as they call it here) with Will and everyone, as well as the gigantic thing of cotton candy (aka, fairy floss) that I got! Anyone who knows me knows I have a bad obsession with cotton candy.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom


We also explored a new side of town called Fitzroy, which is a hipster’s paradise (very much like Brooklyn). It’s filled with funky markets, warehouses converted into restaurants, Victorian style homes, laneways filled with amazing street arts, and tons of dudes walking around with beards that Dumbledore would be proud of. It’s a really quirky and fun area. We caught some brunch there this past Saturday at a restaurant called Industry Beans, and had some delicious eggs on sourdough bread, bacon and amazing coffee. Afterwards, we hit up the Fitzroy Market, where we got some amazing smelling hand-poured soy candles, and I bought a cardigan for $3, and a dress for $2 (whoop whoop!). Here’s a like sneak of brunch:


Well, that’s a tiny little summary of life lately here down under! Stay tuned for my next post about us moving in and all the fun little activities that come along with it (sarcasm) — how they do deliveries here, furnished vs unfurnished, setting up electricity/internet/etc. Some of these things are still a bit foreign to us, but we’re learning as we go :) eventually, it’ll all make sense and become second nature. Until next time!

PS. ONE WEEK UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! Just wanted to throw that out there, ya know ;)

Cheers (that’s a super Aussie thing to say)
Kelly xo

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