Melbourne: Four Seasons in One Day

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When we first moved to Melbourne, I was always told that you’re bound to experience ‘four seasons in one day’ here. I always chuckled and laughed it off as some cliche saying that everyone says about their city. In Virginia, we’ve experienced our share of crazy weather – from the hot sun beating down to an insane thunderstorm to hail and finishing off with the sun again… and about 20 degrees cooler. But oh boy, did Melbourne show us up! I remember one day wearing flats to lunch and coming home with my shoes almost flooded with water from a random rainstorm, and another day where I wanted to avoid the flats fiasco by all means and happily walked out in boots and three layers, only to have it be 65 degrees. I mean, can a girl catch a break? They call it ‘the change’ here, when the weather either goes from beautiful and warm to freezing cold and raining – or vice versa.

We were at church one Sunday and they laughed saying that they couldn’t want for summer to finally get here… in February. I giggled along, but surely that can’t be true?! Summer starts here December 1 – just two short weeks away – I need warm weather now. The climate is very temperamental here in Melbourne, and switches daily, but remains pretty consistent as far as temperature. It hasn’t dipped below the 60s in recent weeks (but it has gotten cold some nights, usually in the 40s), and the highest it’s been here has been in the mid 90s. When we were still living in the States, the first thing I did each morning before getting ready to go out was check the weather so I could dress accordingly. I am so baffled when people tell me they don’t check the weather/temperature before they leave the house — how?? tell me your secrets! Maybe it’s because I’m way too organized? But in Melbourne, you can never correctly predict how the weather is going to pan out for the day. So, I’ve created a list below for all the planners out there heading/moving to Melbourne :-)

  • Umbrella – This is the #1 thing you need to carry around the city! You never know when you’ll encounter a surprise downpour (and it’s bound to happen). I picked up this cheap one for $2.99 and it’s small and compact and hardly weighs anything. We keep two hanging by our front door so we never forget to grab them.
  • Hat – I reckon this only applies in autumn/winter, but it’s handy to have during those months. It can get quite blustery with a cold chill nipping at your ears. We arrived in July when it was still winter, and I liked having it with me because my ears are always the first part of me to get cold.
  • Tissues – Apparently in Australia, the pollen count is crazy huge, and being someone who has never suffered from allergies ever, I’ve encountered myself having sneezing attacks every now and then. Also, in the winter time, when you’re rushing from one place to another, I end up having a runny nose, so these prevent me from sniffing like a bloodhound when I’m walking around a store or cafe.
  • Flats – If your bag is big enough, it might be helpful to bring along some flats (please ignore how busted mine are – they clearly get a lot of use out of me :)). If you’re wearing boots and there’s a sudden change to a heatwave, you can have some airy shoes on hand to slip into. On the other hand, it might also help those working women around the city having to wear heels to work and slipping in some flats while commuting.
  • Scarf – Anyone who knows me knows that I am a scarf fanatic (I own at least 20) and I love having one with me (either wearing it or in my bag) for that sudden chill that may happen! I like light scarves for the spring/summer and carry around pashminas and shawls for the fall/winter, so you can wrap yourself in them and essentially add on another layer. They’re lightweight so if it gets hot, you can slip them into your bag.
  • Socks – As I mentioned above, I got caught in a horrible rainstorm once here, or if you’re wearing TOMS or sneakers that are more porous, your feet and socks will be soaked – and that is the worst. Having an extra pair on hand will help you out to change into so you can prevent catching a cold!
  • Cardigan – This is a fashion staple of mine, and if I’m not already wearing it, I always have one in my bag for those windy/chilly days and they provide the perfect amount of warmth without adding too much weight to your purse. They’re also nice for when you’re heading into cold stores/restaurants during the summer time or movie theaters!

Hopefully, you’ve found this a little useful! Melbourne is one of the most unpredictable cities I’ve lived in, but to me, it just adds to its charm. But, seriously, I’m ready for summer any time you’re ready, Melbs! ;)

Kelly xo

  • Lauren
    November 19, 2014

    Hi Kelly! I just wanted to say that this morning in New York it felt like 8 degrees with the windchill. lol. I’m sooo (happy) jealous of you guys getting ready for summer in two weeks! : )
    Funny about pollen and allergies, I always heard that when people move, their allergies lessen because it’s a whole new environment. Did you have allergies before? I hope it’s not too too bad for you. and I’m with you on scarves. I cannot leave the house without them even in the summer I always have a light one.
    Well, get ready for the warmth. I’ll be here in NYC freezing and wishing I was in the Southern Hemisphere like you and Will.

    • Kelly
      November 29, 2014

      Lauren! Methinks you need to come take a vacay down under and enjoy some sun (since we both can’t be in Cape Town this year – waaaaah!) Never had allergies before, so it’s definitely been an, um, experience lol. Hope you are keeping warm, and thankful you’re miles and miles from Buffalo – brrrr. I do miss the snow though! Miss you, friend! xoxoxo

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