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I am so excited to begin this blogging adventure! The inspiration, first off, for starting this blog is owed to my husband, Will, as he began to realize that there weren’t many resources out there for American expats. I felt that this blog could be a great way to tie into the lifestyle of two expats living in Australia! The other form of inspiration came from family and friends, as we had several requests to start a blog to be able to chronicle our daily adventures in Melbourne (seeing as neither Will or I have Facebook anymore, oops).

But first, let me rewind a few months to give you a better idea of why we are moving to Oz exactly. In December 2013, Will received an offer from his employer, Envato, to come work in Melbourne (where they’re based). It was just a week before we were flying to South Africa to visit family and vacation. We were newlyweds of three months and it was both exciting and terrifying all at once. We spoke to all our relatives to seek their guidance and advice. Everyone gave us the same answer: “hello?! GO!” After much deliberation (and equal, if not more, prayer!), we started the visa process and after two months, were approved on June 15th.

And here we are… three weeks later, and less than three weeks from leaving. Our hope is that within our blog, you’ll find our tips, advice and recommendations helpful – as we navigate and tackle this crazy adventure and journey ourselves!

We’re so thankful and grateful for all the encouragement, love and support we’ve received from our loved ones (hi everyone!), and hope you’ll enjoy this adventure with us.


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