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This is a bit of a short and sappy, albeit deep post, so bear with me ;-) In our day and age, it’s become easy to put in our headphones when we go anywhere. I know that I usually do it any chance I get. I couldn’t be in the car without blasting my favorite Spotify playlist, and since moving to Melbourne, I didn’t go anywhere alone without my headphones in – and sometimes had specific playlists just for walking around the city (upbeat top 25-type songs).

However, lately, I’ve found the beauty in just taking a walk with no headphones and sticking my phone in my bag. I realized that when I had them in, I was walking at full speed, just trying to get to my destination and hardly noticing anything or anyone around me. But what’s the point in being in this brand new, beautiful and most livable city if I’m not going to soak it all up, right? I’ve found that since walking without listening to music, I’m more aware of conversations around me, speaking to different people (like the sweet old Greek lady at the grocery store asking me about butter or the tourist asking me for directions – that’s right! ME! ha), and believe it or not, I actually notice more buildings and restaurants and places to visit now! Amazing how distracted one can be with headphones on. The city has since become so much more alive since the Christmas season has kicked off (more on that soon!) and I seem to notice more decorations and fun displays every day. Even during other parts of the year, there is so much to look at and admire – random pop up stores, art exhibits, elaborate window displays, stunning architecture, new buildings being built, the sounds of the tram ding-ding-ing, different languages everywhere you turn, the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Gosh, can you tell I love this city?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with listening to music or being on your phone while walking – heck, I mean, I still do it some days! – but sometimes it’s good to disconnect and seriously just smell the roses, listen to the sounds of the city, look at the beautiful faces and life buzzing all around you, and take it all in :-)

Kelly xo

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